While most frequently found in the tropics, te…

While most frequently found in the tropics, temperate waters are also home to #anglerfish, otherwise known as #frogfish.

These small, carnivorous fishes are found in various habitats around Yorke Peninsula, but little is known about their habitat preferences as most records are from jetties, or from trawls.

This species, the smooth anglerfish is not often seen because individuals usually live under rocks or ledges commonly hanging upside down.

Of the various fishes that form part of the anglerfish diet, of note are seahorses and gobies.

This fishes tiny esca (lure like appendage🎣) mimics an amphipod on which local sand gobies feed, and of course these anglerfish feeds on those sand gobies 🍴🐟.

#GreatSouthernReef @southaustralia #yorkepeninsula #anglerfish #smoothangler (at Port Victoria, South Australia)