Aw! Little diamondback terrapin! I find it rea…

Aw! Little diamondback terrapin!

I find it really weird to live in a state like Nevada now.
See, I grew up in New Jersey, where private ownership of turtles is not legal.
You have to obtain a permit for educational or scientific purposes to own a
turtle or tortoise in New Jersey (which is kind of good, because they’re
terrible pets for about 90-95% of people). In Nevada….. not so much. So, it’s
already weird enough to walk into a pet shop and see turtles and tortoises for

It gets weirder for me when I see diamondback terrapins for
sale. See, along the Eastern seaboard, terrapins are protected. There are big
concerns about wild populations due to pollution, construction, habitat loss,
habitat modification, predation, and death by automobile as terrapins cross
roads to access breeding grounds. So, even if they miraculously (and stupidly)
decided to make turtles legal as pets in NJ, they would NEVER allow terrapins
as pets due to their wild status and the issues with native populations.

I walked into an exotic pets store here….. and saw a tank
JAM PACKED with little itty bitty diamondback terrapin babies. I just gaped
like an idiot for about five minutes at them. They were so cute and so tiny!

This little guy, fortunately, was not spotted in a pet shop.
Instead, I saw this one at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, living in a pretty
sweet tank!